Building Community

CCMP is dedicated to advancing the cause of accessible, open-source environmental models of the Chesapeake Bay in support of research & management efforts.

Through communication and advocacy the CCMP has generated several new modeling-oriented research programs. Our new web pages will help by providing access to Chesapeake community models and data. Funded through base support from NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Office and access to the US EPA Chesapeake Bay Program server, CCMP continues to expand model and data access for the regional community.

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The latest news and discussions: modeling & data, research developments, funding opportunities, and everything else!
Models & Data
A gateway to open-source models, data sources, and links to various modeling activities and resources.
Chesapeake Modeling and Research Symposium 2018
ChesRMS'18 will be held June 12-14, 2018 in Anapolis, MD. The Symposium theme is "Advancing observational and modeling research to support Chesapeake Bay management and restoration.".
Proposals & Funding
Find out what's being funded, what's in the works, and where future opportunities can be found.
From real-time models and data to modeling lists and other resources, CCMP takes community to the next level.