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Chesapeake-area Seminar Series Round-up

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Interested in attending seminars or lectures in the Chesapeake Bay area? CCMP is proud to present a roundup of the following regularly scheduled events. Follow the links to learn more about each event:

  • Cafe Scientifique: Last Friday of each month (dinner)
  • CBF: activities and events approximately every week
  • HPL: Wednesdays @ 11am
  • IAN: Near the start of each month @ 12pm
  • JHU: Fridays @ 11:00am and 12:10pm (Env. Engineering & Chemistry; Env. & Applied Fluid Mechanics)
  • ODU: Mondays @ 3:30pm
  • SERC: Once at month, 6:30-8:30pm (refreshments & discussion included)
  • SERC: Weekly at 11am (usually Tuesday or Thursday)
  • UMBC: Fridays @ 2pm
  • VIMS: the last Thursday of each month @ 7pm (except for May and December)

Please contact CCMP if you know of any seminar or lecture series you would like added to this list.