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CCMP Newsletter, April 2008

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The most recent issue of the CCMP newsletter has been released. This newsletter features numerous news stories and updates pertaining to the entire Chesapeake modeling & data community. Topics include:

1. CheMS’08
2. Student Grants Available for CheMS’08
3. CCMP News in brief
4. News from other communities
5. CCMP Model & Data Repository, CheMS iPod Raffle
6. Models or data?
7. Featured Question: Does CCMP need by-laws?
8. Featured Modeler: Claire Welty
9. Featured Model: CE-QUAL-ICM

To view the newsletter in full, follow the links in the list above… and while you are at it, leave a comment to share your thoughts! A stand-alone version of the newsletter can be viewed here.

Does CCMP Need By-Laws?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The question we want to ask you today: should CCMP develop By-Laws to make sure we have a clear & transparent structure and governing mechanism?

There are many questions that are related: Who are the officers, how do they get elected? What are the committees? Where/When are the meetings, and how often? What are the working groups? Who makes up the Steering Committee? How to deal with education/knowledge? And so forth.

Your thoughts? Please share them with the community by leaving a comment.