Observed Data

This section contains observed hydrology and water quality data used for Phase 5 model calibration. Before download any data, you will need to read gage_riverseg_notes.csv to find out the corresponding name of the station you are interested in.

FLOW.zip     Daily flow in cfs
WTMP.zip Water temperature in C
DO.zip Dissolved Oxygen in mg/L
TSS.zip Total Suspended Solid in mg/L
NH3.zip Ammonia in mg/L
NO3.zip Nitrate in mg/L
ORGN.zip Organic Nitrogen in mg/L
TN.zip Total Nitrogen in mg/L
PO4.zip Phosphates in mg/L
ORGP.zip Organic Phosphorus in mg/L
TP.zip Total Phosphorus in mg/L
CHLA.zip Chlorophyll a in ug/L
TOC.zip Total Organic Carbon in mg/L