Watershed Delineation & GIS Data

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Land Segments

The Phase 5.3 Community Watershed Model simulates land loading and river delivery processes separately. The Land Segments are based on Counties within the study area, with some counties subdivided if loading rates were not sufficiently consistent throughout the land segment.

River Segments

Riverine processes on nutrient and sediment load delivery to the bay are simulated through small watersheds, roughly the size of 11-digit HUCS. Watershed boundaries and size were determined by the presence of a reach of at least 100 CFS or a calibration station.

Land-River Segments

The intersection of land and river segments, used to proportion the load from the land segments into the appropriate reaches.


Phase 5.3 Simulated River Reaches have a minimum flow of 100 CFS or a calibration station.

Calibration Stations

USGS and state water quality and flow river monitoring sites selected for use with the Phase 5.3 Community Watershed Model. All layers are in the following projection: UTM Zone 18 Nad83 Meters.