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Purpose and Plans

The Chesapeake Community Modeling Program, CCMP, will host a workshop on November 19 and 20 to present a plan to develop a more cooperative method to build environmental research models of the Chesapeake Bay Basin. Within the Chesapeake Bay Basin models of the health and status of the waters span the scientific gamut from land use patterns in the upper watersheds of New York to offshore circulation patterns of the Mid-Atlantic Bight. The common currency of the models is water and water borne materials, both organic and inorganic, and their transport and transformations through the regimes of the Chesapeake Bay Basin. The premise of the CCMP is that communication, sharing and cooperation between scientists working across the Chesapeake Basin can be beneficial to both the individuals and to the Chesapeake community at large.

Modeling is the theme of the CCMP. Presently researchers of the Chesapeake Basin use a bewildering assortment of models to solve, research and simulate processes of the bay and watershed. A major problem with present research practices is that those modeling efforts are occurring in isolation, even though we all recognize how this limits our model's scope, applicability and accuracy. This CCMP workshop will explore how we can begin to integrate our efforts and expand the usefulness of our models.

The CCMP workshop will begin to build the communication and connections between models by hosting a group of invited talks about the modeling methods and important questions spanning environmental science in the Chesapeake Bay Basin. The theme of each talk will be: How do our models interact with the wider Chesapeake Basin modeling efforts? Following each talk will be a discussion about the needed interfaces to other sciences and how interactions may be promoted. The discussions may range from societal goals, politics or workshop organization to database needs, file formats and software interfaces.

The subjects of the invited talks were chosen by the CCMP steering committee to represent all the modeling fields of the Chesapeake Bay Basin, broadly separated into watershed and estuarine sections. It is impossible to be exhaustive in a limited set of presentations, so following each talk we will allow ample time for the community to bring up other related issues and expand upon the presentations. Additional very short (1-2 images) presentations from the audience will be allowed at these times.

A goal of the workshop will be an understanding of what modeling capability we have now and how we can proceed to connect existing modeling efforts. A useful product will be a compendium of CCMP models and ambitions. We would like participants to submit short descriptions of their models to be compiled for distribution at the workshop. Example descriptions are posted on Authors are not constrained to any format, just try to keep it to 1/2 to 2 pages. The results will be presented to the workshop and will aid our invited speakers in creating their talks.


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