CCMP Workshop (2004)

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The Chesapeake Community Modeling Program held a one day workshop devoted to the physical hydrodynamic models of the Chesapeake Bay. The goal of the workshop was to start real work on the development of shared community models of the physics and hydrodynamics of the Chesapeake Bay. At this workshop we will heard brief descriptions of many of the Chesapeake Bay hydrodynamic models and research goals. We discussed what these models share in common and what can be exchanged and shared, such as data needs, scenario descriptions or grid files. Building upon these commonalities we explored the methodology of shared community modeling, i.e. how to organize into a community asset one or more of these models. The outcome of the workshop was a better idea of what our existing resources are, and what researcher commitments and CCMP priorities are needed for moving toward an open source science community for Chesapeake Bay.

The CCMP has put a tangible example of a community model on the CCMP web page. This is the Chesapeake Bay implementation of the Quoddy FEM model,

Like all open-source projects this is a work in progress, but a downloadable realization of the model is available. The workshop discussed this mode of presentation for a model and used it to demonstrate methods of shared software.


The strongest parts of the workshop were the many talks on state-of-the-art modeling within the community. The powerpoint talks have been rendered into PDF files and are available here:

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