About CCMP

The Chesapeake Bay research community has come together to cooperatively build an open source system of watershed and estuary models specific to the Chesapeake Bay region. Through support from CRC member institutions and the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, CRC modelers have committed to developing a modeling framework that will enable free and open access to model, code and data. As a complementary activity to the CBP modeling program, the Chesapeake Community Model Program will strive to develop a comprehensive model consisting of interchangeable individual modules covering all aspects of hydrodynamics, ecosystem dynamics, trophic exchanges, and watershed interactions towards a future linked watershed-estuary model. For additional information regarding this activity, please visit the links on this site.

Steering Committee

Raleigh Hood, UMCES Biological modeling

Courtney Harris, VIMS, Sediment transport modeling

Alexey Voinov, ITC Participatory Modeling

Claire Welty, UMBC, Urban Environmental Research and Education

Chris Duffy, PSU, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Watershed Modeling

Cecily Steppe, US Naval Academy

Carl Friedrichs, VIMS, Estuarine Physical Oceanography

Marjy Friedrichs, VIMS, Estuarine & Coastal Mathematical Modeling

Advisory Committee

Gary Shenk, EPA, Chesapeake Bay Program Large scale watershed modeling

Howard Townsend, NCBO, Ecological Modeler

CRC Staff

Bill Ball, CRC Executive Director

Raleigh Hood, CCMP Program Coordinator

Dave Jasinski, CCMP Program Manager

Matthew Tromatter, CRC Business Manager

Chesapeake Focus Research GroupCSDMS

CCMP is proud to partner with CSDMS to form their first Geograhically Focused Research Group (GFRG). More information can be found here.

Official Documentation

Community Models and Integrated Observations for the Chesapeake Bay (An Initiative of the Chesapeake Research Consortium)

Community Model Strategic and Implementation Plan

Business Plan

One Page Flyer (Vision, Mission Statements)

Employment Opportunities

No Opportunities at this time

How You Can Help

CCMP is always looking for further support from its community. Our collection of open source models is always growing and expanding. Contact Dave Jasinski if you would like to see your model featured on the CCMP Models page.

How to Contact Us

For questions about the Chesapeake Research Consortium, please contact Kevin Sellner. For questions about the website or CCMP in general, please contact Dave Jasinski.