POM Model for the Chesapeake Bay

ODU CCPO POM Model Implmentation

Xinyu Guo
Formally with ODU CCPO

Now at:

Center for marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University
2-5 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama 790-8577, Japan


This hydrodynamic model of the Chesapeake Bay was designed by Xinyu Guo to simulate wind and tidal forcing of the Chesapeake Bay to demonstrate the role of tidal mixing in estuarine exchange. For more information see:

POMCHES is an implementation of the Princeton Ocean Model(POM Web Site).

POMCHES Download

A set of tar files are now available which will build a working version of POMCHES which simulates the Chesapeake Bay. These build a demonstration which runs for 10 days with M2 tides, average river discharge, no wind. More information is here:

tom gross MAR. 31, 2004